Znak Zakładu Kartografii

Map as a model of reality

Gmach PW - przekrój I piętra

Gmach PW - przekrój I piętra

A map is a model of reality, showing the location and characteristics of selected objects and phenomena in relation to the Earth’s surface, another celestial body or other objects, e.g. a building, the interiors of the human body, or the spatial relationships between objects or phenomena.

The model can apply to current, past, or future status as well as to represent changes over time. The model can be communicated to the recipient using various modalities: graphic, audible, textual, tactual. It can also be processed and analysed merely in digital form.

Source: Gotlib D., 2011, Methods of cartographic presentation for mobile navigation and location based systems”. „Prace naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej – Geodezja”, z.48 (Scientific works of Warsaw University of Technology- Geodesy)

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