Znak Zakładu Kartografii


Below, you will find a short description of the Department’s research areas

The employees of the Department of Cartography conduct scientific research related to the development of the methodology of spatial information modeling and imaging, creating and using topographic databases, geovisualization using AR/VR technologies, navigation inside buildings, aerial cartography, integrating BIM and GIS systems, as well as neocartography.

The Department of Cartography also conducts research work using spatial data mining methods for exploratory spatial data analysis, geographic information generalization and applying gamification to the process of geoparticipation. The Department also develops the methodology of creating and analyzing map projections and examining distortion in map projections.

The employees of the Department of Cartography conduct scientific research related to using Design Thinking methodology to create innovative products and geoinformation services.

Scientific projects

A list of the most important research and implementation projects of recent year

Scientific publications

A list of selected publications: monographs, articles in scientific journals and conference papers

Fragmenty publikacji

Fragmenty publikacji naukowych pracowników Zakładu Kartografii

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